Spotlight Wednesday: Love Changes by Eartha Watts Hicks

love changes

Love Changes

Eartha Watts Hicks

Publication Date: February 25, 2014

Pages: 380

Publisher: Earthtone Enterprises

Ten years in the making, the debut novel by Eartha Watts-Hicks infuses original poetry, song lyrics from 80’s and 90s popular music, and prose in the narrative of Mia Love, a twenty-six year old single mother. Mia Love quits college to support her live-in boyfriend, Spider. When she becomes pregnant, her mother, his mother, and Romell, her handsome and flirtatious best friend, all think she has made a bad decision. Now, Mia cares for both her newborn son and Spider. Tethered to a low wage job to pay the bills, she’s urging him make a commitment. Spider, himself underemployed, remains resistant. This causes tension between the two, with arguments getting more and more personal. Meanwhile, “good friend” Romell is offering a shoulder (and a lot more) to lean on. What ensues is a love triangle…

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